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Oct, 2020

Faculty All-Stars

Jake Whittaker is honoring Rosa Pugliese who is a member of the Food Services team. He first met Rosa in 9th grade. Jake said, “Rosa’s kindness and positive energy never fail to make my day. No matter what the day has looked like, I’m always excited to say hi and chat in the lunch line. I’m thankful about her honesty about what lunches are good and bad. Rosa’s speed at typing in my lunch number is INSANE! Almost every time I show up to the lunch line, I’m already checked out!” Rosa has been working in the MTSD food services department for 24 years – several at Bucher Elementary and most recently at the High School. Rosa’s colleagues said she cares about each and every student and staff. She makes it a point to know their names and a little something about those who talk to her. Rosa greets them with a smile and will go out of her way to get what each person needs. She also goes out of her way to help co-workers and can often be seen helping after-hours. Her colleagues said Rosa is a gift to be around!


Xander Geyer chose to recognize his German 2 teacher, Mr. Steven Peris. Mr. Peris has been teaching German for 8 years with 7 of them at Manheim Township High School. He currently teaches German 1, 3, International Baccalaureate years 1 & 2 and AP German. Xander said that Mr. Peris makes school fun and really helped him get the best grades in his class. A favorite memory Xander shared was when they were watching a movie in class and it stopped playing so he and two of his classmates decided to act out the movie! Congratulations and Danke sehr!


Mr. Brian Booker is being honored by TWO of our soccer seniors: Alex Dombach and Ethan Vassilaros. Mr. Booker has been teaching for 8 years with all of them teaching 7th and 8th grade Social Studies at the Manheim Township Middle School. Here’s what Ethan had to say: “Mr. Booker made learning fun and got me into History which I continued to pursue throughout high school. A favorite memory was on the first day of school, he made a test making the class do all these stupid things. He told us to read ALL questions first and the last question said ‘don’t do any of the previous questions.’ “ Alex had Mr. Booker for 7th grade History . He said, “Mr. Booker made learning and trying new things exciting and fun. He made me want to go to school and learn every day. I remember one specific history class when he asked us to check the tags on our shirts. I actually took OFF my shirt during class instead of just checking the tag.” When Mr. Booker learned of this honor he said, “This is such a kind and uplifting gesture from two of my all time favorite students!”


Shane Mundorf chose to honor his second grade teacher from Schaeffer Elementary School, Mr. Chris Burrowes. Shane said, “On the first day of school, Mr. Burrowes promised to never yell at any of us and he upheld his promise for the entire year. He taught me to be kind to those around me and to be a man of my word. Mr. Burrowes made everyone in the class a personal DVD filled with videos and pictures from the whole school year.” Shane shared that he still has that DVD in his desk drawer! Manheim Township School District has been blessed by Mr. Burrowes for 22 years. He currently teaches 2nd grade at Schaeffer Elementary and was overwhelmed by this honor from a former student!


Mrs. Michelle Doll-Osterhout is being recognized by Shea Miller-Smith. Shea states “Mrs. Doll has helped make physics my favorite subject and as a result, I’m taking both AP Physics 2 and AP Physics C with her this year. She has taught me to work harder and plan my time better. She’s also taught me a little bit about Physics too!” A memory Shea shared was when Mrs. Doll told the class about an assignment. She said, “You should not try to do all of this in one day” and the whole class looked around nervously at each other! Mrs. Doll started her teaching career at Manheim Township 15 years ago. She currently has sections of AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C (Mechanics and E&M) and CP Physics. When she learned about her nomination, she said that Shea is a pleasure to have in class!


David Wolf is honoring a science teacher at Manheim Township high school, Stephen Schulz. David had Mr. Schultz for both honors chemistry and AP chemistry. David said, “His enthusiasm towards chemistry spread to me and I am now considering majoring in chemical engineering in college. Mr. Schulz made learning interesting and meaningful, going above the requirement to ensure we left his room as knowledgeable as possible. He made my love for science grow even more.” David went on to say “Mr. Schulz would always use real life examples and experiences he’s had to explain abstract topics better as well as having nicknames for things so they would stick in your head easier. I’ll always remember sitting through Kreiders PowerPoints and memorizing sun-shiney yellow.” Mr. Schulz has been teaching for 29 years with 24 being at Manheim Township. He currently teaches several levels of Chemisty and was honored to be recognized with this group of colleagues.


Quinn McCarty first met Mrs. Rachelle Impink in 11th grade when was in her math class. He said “ She was constantly answering my many questions and allowing me to excel in her class. She personally impacted me by making sure I was accommodated on a day to day basis. Mrs. Impink would go above and beyond every day to help me understand the content and make sure that I would not get discouraged.“  Mrs. Impink currently teaches geometry and trig and pre-calculus at Manheim Township high school. She’s been in education for 10 years and all of them have been at Manheim Township. Thank you Mrs. Impink for the unbelievable impact you’ve had on Quinn and many students who are blessed to be in your classes.


Mrs. Jamie Bresch has been nominated by Moses Beers. Mrs. Bresch started her career at Manheim Township and has been here for 9 years. She currently teaches Honors Physical science, Honors Chemistry, and IB Chemistry. Moses said, “Mrs. Bresch was my honors chemistry teacher during my sophomore year. It was my favorite class during high school. I always feel comfortable during her class and she’s one of the only teachers at the high school I could actually have a conversation with. She worked hard to make sure everyone understood the content while making her class enjoyable all at the same time. One specific memory I have from this class was when I screen shared a funny video of one of my classmates onto the main projector. Rather than getting annoyed, Mrs. Bresch laughed at the video and we ended up spending the rest of the class talking about it.” Congratulations and thank you, Mrs. Bresch!


Shawn Larroza is honoring Nate Bair. Shawn first met him when he was his ninth grade science teacher at the high school. He said “Mr. Bair taught chemistry and physical science in a fun and intriguing way, always had an answer to every question, and showed how interesting chemistry is. A favorite memory I have is that it took four years to hang the homework whiteboard in the room he said would be hung by the second week of school in my freshman year.” Mr. Bair has been teaching for 11 years. This is his fourth year at Manheim Township and he currently teaches both physical science and chemistry. When Mr. Bair found out about the Faculty All Star Award, he said “It’s been an honor to have taught many players who are currently on the soccer team!”



Brady Yohe is honoring former Manheim Township Middle School teacher and former coach, Mr. Chris Hall. Brady had Mr. Hall as his seventh grade Math teacher at the middle school. This is what Brady shared: “ Mr. Hall helped me through my first year of middle school by always being positive and always believing in me and telling me I had what it took to be a middle soccer player as well as a great student. Ever since seventh grade he was my inspiration to work my hardest on and off the field as well as constantly challenging and pushing my limits because he believed I had what it took. A memory of Coach Hall for me isn’t necessarily a good one however it’s one that had a very large impact on me. Coach Hall and I became closer as I got older and at the end of my sophomore year he announced that he would be moving. This was heartbreaking because I wanted nothing more than to be coached by one of my biggest role models.” Coach Hall taught at Manheim Township for seven years. Upon moving to Boise in 2019, he took a job at a soccer center. At the soccer center He runs camps for youth and works on programming for future & youth high school soccer instruction.  We miss you, Coach Hall and are thrilled to honor you as a 2020 All-Star!







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